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Here are some of our cats who have found their furrever homes!

Bert : Male



Bert is a wonderful kitten. He is a large sweet cuddly male. He is 7-8 months old and neutered, dewormed and tested negative for FIV/FELV. He has been waiting for his forever home for months!

Please don’t overlook this sweet boy ! Hes awesome!

I love Bert very much. Please consider adding him to your home and your heart.

Please fill out an application at www.destinyshope.org

Betty Davis : Female

Betty Davis


Betty Davis is a playful crazy kitten. She is not a lap kitten or a cuddly kitten. She will come to you for treats, toys and food but other than that shes an independent kitten. If you are looking for fun and play then Betty Davis is for you !

She is spayed, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV & FELV. She was dewormed and flea preventative applied.

Please if you are interested in her go to www.destinyhope.org

Thank you!

Carl : Male



Carl is a shy beautiful tuxedo kitten. He is very sweet and playful but he is nervous. He needs someone to take the time out to get to know him. He was found at the east Brentwood fire department by a firefighter! He had an upper respiratory infection but he is much much better now! He was dewormed and treated for fleas!

Once you get to know him hes wonderful.

Carl is neutered, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV & FELV.

Please consider adding Carl to your home! Fill out an application at www.destinyshope.org thank you

Cornbread : Female



Cornbread and Breadcrumbs (a.k.a. Plastic) were dumped off at an animal hospital overnight on Thanksgiving of 2009. Both cats were extremely nervous and afraid. They were vaccinated and dewormed. After that they were brought to Destiny’s Hope to find their furrever homes. Cornbread is about 10-12 years old. Cornbread is already spayed and is a gray and white female cat. Plastic is about 12 yrs old. Plastic is already spayed and is an overweight tortie female cat. They both show no affection towards one another. They can be adopted separately. Cornbread has super soft fur and loves to be petted. Plastic got her nickname because she loves to chew on plastic bags. She has an obsession with plastic. They are both indoor cats and are up to date on flea medicine. Please consider taking a thanksgiving miracle cat home today!!! Cornbread has chronic eye discharge and requires her eyes cleaned twice a day with warm water and cotton balls.

Ebony : Female



Ebony is a beautiful black female kitten for adoption!!!

She is spayed, tested negative, vaccinated and received her flea preventative + dewormer.

She is shy at first but once she opens up she is a lover !!! She is very playful and fun.

Please consider adding Ebony to your home. fill out an adoption application at www.destinyshope.org

Thank you!

Jack & Brandy : Male, Female

Jack & Brandy

Male, Female

Up for Adoption:  Orange and white cutie pie is a male.  His name is Jack and he is 6 weeks old. He’s very sweet once you hold him, and is coming out of his shell more every day. He was rescued with his sister, Brandy.

Adopted:  Calico girl is 6 weeks old, and her name is Brandy. She is the sister of Jack, and the sweetest calico you will ever meet! All she wants is to cuddle and chase a mouse on a string.


Knuckles : Male



Knuckles is approximately 5 years old and was brought into west hills animal hospital as a stray hit by car!

He was immediately treated and given pain and antinflammatory medications. He had cage rest for 6 weeks.

He recovered great and now needs his forever home. He doesnt like cats and dogs, but he tolerates them.

He would do well in a house that has one cat maybe two maximum. He is neutered, vaccinated and tested negative for FIV & FELV. He is ready to go to his furrever home! Please consider adopting him. Hes really sweet and loves to purr. Fill out an application at www.destinyshope.org

Thank you!

Magnolia : Female



Magnolia is a 2 year old female spayed cat. She is shy at first but then opens up and loves you! She tested negative for FIV & FELV and is vaccinated. She has a wonderful soft hair coat. Please consider adding this beautiful cat to your home!! Shes awesome. She needs someone with patience and understanding of cats. She needs someone who will let her come out of her shell on her own. She likes cats and dogs. She has clear discharge that sometimes runs out of her right eye. She doesn't require medicine.

Go to www.destinyshope.org and fill out an adoption application today!

Marilyn Monroe : Female

Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn is an adult female calico who was found in the Bronx on a cold winters night trying to eat some garbage.

She must have been dumped because she was friendly enough to be put in a carrier.

She will be spayed and vaccinated next week and then up for adoption.

She has a unique trait her tail is a stub. Its very short and cute.

Please consider adding Marilyn to your home.

Please fill out an application at www.destinyshope.org... Thank you!

Nala : Female



Orange girl on the right is named Nala. She is very sweet and loves a good play session. She also enjoys watching tv on your lap and is a great cuddler.

Oreo : Male



Oreo is a male neutered cat about 14 years old. He is currently hyperthyroid and has IBD. He is a special needs senior on medicine.

He was once taken well cared for but due to the current economy, many people are finding they no longer have the finances to be able to care for their pets properly. Not many placed will take in adult cats with the promise they will not be euthanized, and people are abandoning their pets in hope someone will find them and take them in. Oreo’s owner abandoned him in a carrier outside an animal hospital in the middle of the night. He could have escaped the carrier and ventured onto the busy Jericho turnpike, or gotten lost and been unable to find food or become prey to a larger animal. He has no survival skills, being an indoor cat, and is very lucky the overnight hospital staff found the carrier. Inside was Oreo, and his sister, Mia. Mia has been adopted, but Oreo is still at Destiny’s Hope.

Oreo is very friendly and affectionate with people, and chooses them over the company of other cats. He likes to lounge around and find his way to trick people into petting him when they’re busy, and likes to sleep as close as possible to his human. This is a cat who will want to be by your side and being pet constantly. He tolerates other cats but wants all your attention to himself. He is neutered and vaccinated and ready to go to his new home at any time.


If you can’t adopt and wish to help out, donations are ALWAYS appreciated!!

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