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Current Fundraisers

Are you a frequent (or not so frequent) Amazon shopper?  If so, when you go to Amazon, type in smile.amazon.com and choose Destiny’s Hope Cat Rescue as your charity of choice.  Use this site every time you shop at Amazon and a portion will go to the kitties.  The great thing about it is that you still get all your Prime perks, etc. and it costs you nothing — you do your regular shopping and Destiny’s Hope gets a donation.  How cool is it when you’re shopping there for a donation using the wish list  (https://smile.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/38LRCER6BAOJ2) and you are not only getting the cats the products that they need, but Amazon is donating cash as well!  The key is that you have to go to Amazon using the smile.amazon.com or a donation isn’t made.  (your faithful webinista  changed my default — Amazon is a startup tab for me and now I don’t ever forget to use the correct url).

Kiya Needs Help

Kiya was adopted from Destiny’s Hope about 2 years ago.  We recently received the following from Kiya’s owner and helped her start a GoFundMe page to help with the vet bills.  This is a young, much beloved cat who has found a forever home.  Any help you can provide to make sure the forever is a very long time would be most appreciated.

Kiya has been pretty sick for a couple months now. I’ve been to my vet 3 times so far, and really can’t afford to keep doing lots of tests. Right at the moment, all we know is that she is hypercalcemic. She does not have any tumors or cancer that they can find, but the calcium needs to come down before it effects the other parts of her body (like kidney stones which I can’t afford to have operated on).

I am not sure if there is any help you could provide , but I am desperately trying to survive on only $500/month for disability which covers practically none of my bills so debt has already been piling up. Of course my babies are a priority and I will always take care of them before anything else, but this is really, really difficult… I’ve been panicking almost every day.

I am so glad I got Kiya from Destiny’s Hope. Destiny’s hope is a truly beautiful organization that I believe in whole-heartedly, and recommend to people looking for kitties all the time. Kiya has been a genuine life saver for me time and time again since I adopted her about 2 years ago. She is such a strong emotional support, and one of the most affectionate furrbabies I’ve ever had.