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About Us

We regularly participate in Fix-a-Feral or TNR (trap neuter return) all day spay and neuter marathons to provide free sterilization for feral cats who have been caught and will be returned to their colony. This effectively lowers their population and prevents transmission of illnesses, fighting, and make the place they have chosen to live more comfortable and safe for them, as well as less of a nuisance for people in the surrounding areas.

We have met people whose cat has been struck with an illness and they cannot afford the treatment. We will raise money for the vet care and take care of the cat until it is well enough to be returned to its owner.

We have taken in cats who have nowhere else to go, who are in need of medical attention in the middle of the night when no other rescue group or shelter is open.

We have gone to the house of home bound people to provide well care to their animals and donate supplies to them.

We have gone to people’s homes to trap stray kittens and foster them until they are able to be adopted. We also trap the adults and spay and neuter them and return them to the person’s home.

We also help with other animals on occasion, providing help to people with dogs and small mammals as well. We have taken in a dozen hamsters from a woman who was over run with them, provided her with proper cages and educated her on proper care and how to keep males and female apart. We took in a rabbit with a tumor whose owner could not afford surgery nor provide the care the rabbit needed due to the owner’s own illnesses. We provided the surgery and fostered the animal until it was healthy again and the owner could take proper care of her. We also provided these people with food and supplies for the small animals.  We routinely help people with dogs who need care or fostering as well.