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Adoptable Cats

Here are our current cats up for adoption!

If you can’t adopt and wish to help out,

donations are ALWAYS appreciated!


Tarzan :


Tarzan is two and a half months old and will be up for adoption soon he will be vaccinated, microchipped and tested negative you can adopt him through Destiny's Hope Cat Rescue if you would like to adopt him please fill out or adoption form at www.destinyshope.org

Cookie :


This is cookie She is two and a half months old and will be up for adoption soon she will be vaccinated, microchipped and tested negative  you can adopt her through Destiny's Hope Cat Rescue if you would like to adopt her please fill out or adoption form at www.destinyshope.org

Nightrider and Magic :

Nightrider and Magic

These two cuties have been waiting to long for their forever home. I fostered nightrider and socialized him when he was younger and he blossomed into a cuddly kitty. He has experience with cats,dogs, small animals and birds please consider giving him a forever home. He is neutered vaccinated and tested negative. Magic is a sweet super soft haired cute female kitten who wants a home to call her own. She is fixed vaccinated and tested negative. Please fill out an adoption application at www.destinyshope.org

yukon :



Yukon is about 5 months old. This sweet young man is fixed, vaccinated and tested. If you want a lap cat, he’s your man. If your interested in adopting him, go to www.destinyshope.org and fill out an adoption application. (Please Share) — at All Pets Animal Hospital.

Cloud :


Cloud is still up for adoption. He’s about 3-4 months old. He’s fixed, vaccinated and tested. If you’re interested in adopting him go to www.destinyshope.org and fill out an adoption application. (Please Share) — at All Pets Animal Hospital.  he has corneal ulcer scars on his eye but it doesnt stop him. he can see and acts normal

Mittens :


Hello it’s me Sabrina ! I need help !

Mittens is a 4 month old Kitten needs a foster/adoptive home. Is shy. Likes to be pet and played with. Needs more time to warm up and will be fine. Not aggressive at all. Please message fill out an application now at destinyshope.org. Please help me. Thank you.
Please share.

Mrs. Tuxedo :

Mrs. Tuxedo

Mrs. Tuxedo is an EXTREMELY sweet, loving and affectionate girl who desperately needs a home! She is currently in Medford, NY. She has had all her testing done and came back negative for all. She is around 4-5 years of age but very small and petite. Please message me or Sabrina Antonelli if you or someone you know would be interested in giving her a forever home! fill out an application now at www.destinyshope.org

Cyclops :


Cyclops is a 9 month old, female/spayed tigger tabby sweetheart! She is currently battling an upper respiratory infection, but that does not stop her from being an active, happy cat! She received an entropion surgery to her right eye when she first arrived to the rescue, that's why she winks at you funny! It is due to eyelid agenesis. She is up for adoption, but does require medication to be given once daily. Located in our Holbrook home!

Marlin :


This beautiful male is Marlin he is 5 months old and has an upper respiratory infection. He will be available for adoption the end of October. He is sweet and nice. He is at Sabrina Antonelli’s house in Holbrook. Would anyone like to preadopt him ? Once he’s cleared by the vet he will be able to go to his forever home. He likes to cuddle and suckle on you. He's so cute and adorable. Please fill out an adoption application at www.destinyshope.org thank you.

Giblets : Female



Giblets and Stuffing were dumped at a local animal hospital overnight by the front door. It was Thanksgiving night in 2012. The cats were skinny and terrified. After a few days, they were vaccinated and dewormed. Then they came to Destiny’s Hope where we found out that Stuffing does not like people. Giblets, however, loves people and just wants to sit on your lap. She loves to be petted on the head. Both cats are estimated to be around 10 years old and are spayed. Giblets needs a furrever home desperately. She has been with our rescue almost a year and wants a lap to call her own. Please consider adopting her today. She is up to date on her vaccines and flea medicine.

Kitten : Male



Kitten is a 9-10 year old black and white male neutered cat who was found as a 6 week old kitten covered in fleas and starving to death. He was originally found as a stray by a family who decided to give him a bath, then put him in an unfurnished garage while still wet in the middle of winter. A friend of ours was contacted and found him hypothermic and near death. She was not sure if the little kitten was going to survive, especially in his malnourished state, but with some warmth and warm fluids, he began to come back and show he was willing to fight for his life. After some good food and basic medical care, he was thriving. Sadly, because he is shy around new people, he has been looked over for adoption. Kitten is not a cat who stands out with beautiful markings or being a rare breed, and he doesn’t rush up to a new person and play or demand affection. That is why he is still at Destiny’s Hope. Through no fault of his own, overpopulation of cats has prevented him from being adopted into a forever home. He is doing well at Destiny’s Hope now, and is a very vocal cat who demands to be recognized in the pack. He is playful and sweet, but can be standoffish when he first meets a new person. But he is healthy and litter trained and would do great in just about any home.

Whiteface : Female



Whiteface got her name because she came to Destiny’s Hope with 3 other kittens that were feral in Kings Park. A wonderful woman Dotty trapped these 8 week old kittens and brought them to the rescue. They were given flea medication, vaccinations and dewormers. With some good food and a lot of love, these feral babies became people friendly and the kind of kittens that are adopted immediately. Unfortunately, being shyer than her siblings, Whiteface was overlooked. She has her own personality and is very loving and affectionate, but on her own terms. She shows no traits of her feral past except she does not like to be picked up. When people meet kittens the first thing they do is pick them up and cuddle them, and this did not suit the little white faced kitten. She is thriving here at Destiny’s Hope and loves to sit in a lap and sleep in bed with her person. She is litter trained and loving and affectionate as long as it is not forced upon her. She is now around 8 years old, spayed and vaccinated and ready to go to her forever home except for a polyp in her ear that needs to be removed. This causes her to sniffle and gurgle sometimes, but does not affect her daily life at all. She is otherwise healthy. If the potential adopter is committed to providing the simple surgery to remove the polyp, she can be adopted now. When the money is raised, Destiny’s Hope will get her to surgery she needs. Donations towards Whiteface’s veterinary care will be greatly appreciated.