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Vincent Van Catt

This is Vincent Van Catt!! . He was found in the middle of a parking lot with no mother cat in sight. The good samaritan was trapping cats for TNR when a two girls heard tiny meow cries. She picked up the kittens and brought them into a local veterinary hospital just hours old with 2 siblings!! Vincent was horribly injured and bleeding, his right ear was missing! After sedation and thorough examination it was determined that someone maliciously cut off his ear. We NEVER thought he was going to survived. He needed stitches and antibiotics to heal. The first few days of his life he was tube fed every 2-3 hours. He started suckling from a bottle and got stronger. Unfortunately his stitches started to come out and he required a special bandage. The bandage was replaced every day for 2 weeks! The huge wound started to heal. Now he is all healed up and besides the missing ear, you would never know the torture he endured. Now Vincent has been adopted into his forever home. Thank you Nicole!!