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Whiteface got her name because she came to Destiny’s Hope with 3 other kittens that were feral in Kings Park. A wonderful woman Dotty trapped these 8 week old kittens and brought them to the rescue. They were given flea medication, vaccinations and dewormers. With some good food and a lot of love, these feral babies became people friendly and the kind of kittens that are adopted immediately. Unfortunately, being shyer than her siblings, Whiteface was overlooked. She has her own personality and is very loving and affectionate, but on her own terms. She shows no traits of her feral past except she does not like to be picked up. When people meet kittens the first thing they do is pick them up and cuddle them, and this did not suit the little white faced kitten. She is thriving here at Destiny’s Hope and loves to sit in a lap and sleep in bed with her person. She is litter trained and loving and affectionate as long as it is not forced upon her. She is now around 8 years old, spayed and vaccinated and ready to go to her forever home except for a polyp in her ear that needs to be removed. This causes her to sniffle and gurgle sometimes, but does not affect her daily life at all. She is otherwise healthy. If the potential adopter is committed to providing the simple surgery to remove the polyp, she can be adopted now. When the money is raised, Destiny’s Hope will get her to surgery she needs. Donations towards Whiteface’s veterinary care will be greatly appreciated.