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Cornbread and Breadcrumbs (a.k.a. Plastic) were dumped off at an animal hospital overnight on Thanksgiving of 2009. Both cats were extremely nervous and afraid. They were vaccinated and dewormed. After that they were brought to Destiny’s Hope to find their furrever homes. Cornbread is about 10-12 years old. Cornbread is already spayed and is a gray and white female cat. Plastic is about 12 yrs old. Plastic is already spayed and is an overweight tortie female cat. They both show no affection towards one another. They can be adopted separately. Cornbread has super soft fur and loves to be petted. Plastic got her nickname because she loves to chew on plastic bags. She has an obsession with plastic. They are both indoor cats and are up to date on flea medicine. Please consider taking a thanksgiving miracle cat home today!!! Cornbread has chronic eye discharge and requires her eyes cleaned twice a day with warm water and cotton balls.