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Application To Sponsor Sponsorship Agreement And Undertaking Guide

This section does not apply to persons who apply from Canada and who have a conviction or offence outside Canada. Learn how to overcome criminal convictions. If you think something else could support your candidacy and has not been addressed on previous issues, please add it here. You don`t need to add anything if you think your other answers contain enough information. In addition, sponsors must also promise: the close relatives of a candidate as part of an application. It is defined as a spouse or life partner, dependent children and their dependent children. If you do not pay the full fee for your registration(s), we will return your application(s). We will only start processing your request after you bring it with the appropriate fee. Important: For a sponsor, a conjugal partner is a foreign national residing outside Canada who has been in a conjugal relationship with the sponsor for at least one year. A foreign national residing in Canada cannot be sponsored as a conjugal partner.

Get your application package, including your checklist, forms, and instructions on the app package page. If you have an authorized paid representative, they can link your application to their own online account. If you are based in Quebec, you will have to pay another processing fee to the province of Quebec if you apply in Quebec. For more information, see Quebec Fees and Payment Methods. Do not add this supplement to the sponsorship application you submit to IRCC. Note: If you are entitled to a refund, we will give you the refund to the person listed in the “Payment Information” section of the receipt (paper requests). If no name is indicated on the receipt, we will send the refund to the applicant. Note: If your application was received before another person`s application, but you didn`t all receive the same applications, don`t worry. Each file is different and the application steps can be done at different times for each file. We will contact you if: Only for applicants in Canada: Enter the total number of family members included in your refugee protection application and who are with you in Canada…