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Sochi Agreement Text

Turkey`s national news agency Anadolu has published a map that supposedly illustrates the Sochi agreement, with Turkish territory dyed green on the map and moving eastward into Syria`s Aleppo province. The Syrian government is described as a “regime” on the Turkish map. A copy of the Russian-Turkish agreement negotiated in Sochi on Monday by President Vladimir Putin and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared. If confirmed, it will mark the first official Russian recognition of the partition of Syria, which will allow Turkey to regain control of the Ottoman region of northwestern Syria, lost after the Turkish defeat of World War I. He stressed that much more needed to be done to reach a comprehensive agreement on the 15 km demilitarized zone. It states that “the delineation of the exact lines of the demilitarized zone will be determined by further consultations.” He added that “both sides have reaffirmed their determination to fight terrorism in Syria in all its forms and manifestations.” The unilateral English-language version of the September 17 agreement was published by an English-language website based in Abu Dhabi called The National. The text states that two language versions, Russian and English, have “the same legal force.” Officially, no Turkish version has been published. A Turkish translation circulates on the Internet; This source of Twitter feed, which takes its Arabic name in a town in Hama governorate in Syria, seems hostile to the Syrian government. The English version was reproduced by Al-Jazeera, but without authentication.

A Turkish military analyst for Al-Monitor commented that the terms of the agreement were favorable to Erdogan, but for now ambiguous, perhaps temporarily. “The question now is how this comprehensive plan will be implemented in a month`s time. Less than two weeks ago, at a meeting in Tehran, Putin contradicted Erdogan`s request for a ceasefire and said: “Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other radicals are not at the negotiating table. We cannot give guarantees on his behalf.┬áIn return for the month it won in Sochi, Ankara is giving these guarantees on behalf of radical groups in Idlib. Moscow may have understood that it could not cope with a humanitarian tragedy in Idlib and that it wanted to guarantee the security of its military presence in northern Syria, especially at the Khmeimim airbase, with assurances from Ankara. In 2003, Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Georgian President Shevardnadze and Abkhazian Prime Minister Gennadi Gagulia and launched a Sochi process to establish a Georgian-Russian-Abkhaz working group on confidence-building measures (CBM).