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New York Agreement

This agreement prevails over all previous agreements in this area. Previous contracts and agreements in the territory may therefore be terminated or, if necessary, adapted in accordance with the provisions of this agreement. In March 1961, Indonesia served an agreement on the United Nations Trust on the condition that it not be classified as a trust. [9] Both supporters of Indonesia and supporters of the Netherlands in government have described their positions as positive for anticolonialism. Although the idea of Papua`s independence appealed to high-ranking advisers in the U.S. government, few felt it was realistic. U.S. officials also expressed concern about the world`s appreciation of Indonesia; In January 1962, Egypt closed its Suez Canal to Dutch ships in protest against the Dutch policy of New Guinea. In mid-January, Robert F. Kennedy, President Kennedy`s brother, visited Jakarta, announcing that the United States “feels attached to anticolonialism as a former colony.” [8] d) The composition of the arbitration authority or arbitration authority was not consistent with the agreement of the parties or, if such an agreement was not reached, did not correspond to the law of the country where the arbitration took place; or two. If this attribution or agreement is not concluded in an official language of the country where the sentence is invoked, the party requesting recognition and execution of the sentence submits a translation of these documents into that language. The translation is certified by an official or sworn translator or by a diplomatic or consular representative. The agreement was put on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly in 1962 and froze General Assembly Resolution 1752 (XVII), which gave the United Nations the power to occupy and administer West Guinea.

Although the agreements were not in a position to deny the commitments set out in the Charter of the United Nations[1] and the agreement claimed that it was for the good of the inhabitants of the territory, some believed that the agreement sacrificed the inhabitants of the territory for the good of the foreign powers.