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Child Support Personal Agreement

If you have an informal agreement on the amount of child care paid by the paying parent to the recipient parent, that is also not accepted by the Child Support Agency. This is the case, whether your private child welfare contract is only oral or you have actually been included in a written document (unless it meets the requirements of a mandatory child welfare contract or a restricted child welfare contract. For example, a rating that says, “The parties intend to enter into a child welfare contract, under which Alen will cover all of Jaci and Bettina`s school fees and reduce the annual child care rate by 100%” is not a child care contract, even though both Alen and Liliana sign it. The details of how you can change a child care agreement depend on several factors, for example. B the state in which you live, the status and circumstances of the existing agreement. However, since an existing custody agreement, with the exception of a court, is a valid court decision, it is important that a good lawyer review all the changes you wish to make to that agreement. This not only increases your chances of success in amending the agreement, but also ensures that you do not violate part of the existing agreement. This would be very damaging to you, as the violation of a court order can be accompanied by heavy penalties, including fines and prison sentences. One of the main causes of post-mediation litigation is the parties` misunderstanding that the obligation to help children arises from the functioning of the law and not from the contract. It does not exist because parents agree, but because the state, in its role as protector of children, has a primary interest in providing adequate support to children. It is also in the state`s interest to reduce the size of its charitable roles. Although a couple can enter into a binding contract to share their assets and debts, the parts of the child care agreement are not fully controllable.

A judge may or may not enforce a child custody agreement, even if it is part of a voluntary exchange between two intelligent and knowledgeable adults. A child care agreement may provide that child benefit is not paid in the form of periodic amounts, but does not indicate how this payment should reduce the family allowance to be paid (CSA, section 84.1) (d) and 84(6)), and without specifying that this is a lump sum payment that is attributable to the responsibility for the assessment of family benefits (CSA 84.1)e). There are two types of private child care agreements that the parties can enter into as follows: parents can agree on a child welfare contract that will treat all their children (two or more children) and not just one child, while considering setting a separate rate for each child.