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Capl Crossing Agreement

Disclaimer: CAPL business forms and associated notes are only intended to be used as a guide. CAPL members may, if necessary, use the capl activity forms and revise all provisions as they wish, provided these revisions are included in the revised business form. The full or partial use of CAPL business forms is done at the sole discretion and risk of the user. Any user of a CAPL business form should be diligent and ensure that the form meets their specific requirements or that the form is revised accordingly. GAPL assumes no responsibility for declarations, in any form, relating to the adequacy of a CAPL activity form to a user`s specific requirements. In addition, gapL assumes no liability for damages caused by the use or misuse of a capl activity form or party. CAPL does not assume an express or tacit guarantee, but no law or law. Anyone preparing oil and gas agreements should be advised by a fellow CAPL who is aware of the preparation of these agreements and who can advise on the adequacy of a CAPL activity form for a particular fact. The DPR – Pipeline Companies` Commitments defines the responsibilities of pipeline companies with respect to planned ground disruptions, construction near pipelines and vehicle transfers.

The NEB requires companies to anticipate, prevent, manage and reduce the potentially hazardous conditions associated with their pipelines. Any disturbance of the ground, construction activity or crossing of the vehicle is unique and this guide cannot handle all cases. Its purpose is to help you determine whether you need consent or permission, where you can get it and how you can get it. This document should only be considered as a guide and, in any event, as the discrepancy between this guide and the National Energy Board Act, and the National Energy Council`s national pipeline prevention regulations are a priority. Section 112 of the NEB Act prohibits the following measures, unless authorized by regulations or by a provision of the council: soil disturbance activities within the restricted area; Construction of facilities on, on, along or under an oil pipeline; and pipeline crossings.