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Tambee is a 2 year old female barn cat who was pregnant and in desperate need of a foster home. The environment was dangerous because the previous litters of kittens were born in the hay loft and fell down. Sometimes they fell behind a wall and passed away. Destiny’s Hope Cat Rescue just happened to be at Farmingdale Dog and Cat clinic one morning getting a feral cat spayed where the receptionist immediately told us about Tambee. We agreed to foster her and allow her to give birth to her babies in safety. Momma cat gave birth to one beautiful male kitten named Bambee. Unfortunately, the other kittens did not come right after. She was brought to the vet and had an ultrasound. There were two more kittens inside. She did not give birth to them. She needed an emergency C-section. The two remaining kittens inside were deformed and passed away. Momma was spayed and taken home. Her one kitten was happy and healthy. In the next few weeks 3 more neonatal kittens were brought to our rescue. Momma cat took in these kittens as her own. She fed them and cleaned them. As soon as the kittens are weaned Tambee requires mouth surgery to remove her teeth because she has stomatitis. The wonderful woman from the barn is going to pay for this surgery and continues to visit Tambee every week. Please adopt Tambee and give her the loving home she deserves !!!10443649_10152675436896874_296578667973121340_n

We have new bottle babies!

31Kitten season has arrived and we have new bottle babies! We are very excited to watch them grow. Within a few weeks they will be available for adoption ! Stay tuned !


Welcome to my blog! This is a spot where I will post updates and interesting subjects. Please feel free to read all our bio’s on the adoptable cats and call 631 972 5405 if interested in adopting or fostering. Thank you. Sabrina Antonelli